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Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony

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Founder Attila Biro
Advisory board president Zsanett Molnar

People whose everday work and special effort makes it possible for FAPF to rescue so many lives


Zsanett Molnár

Admin.director Zsanett has been running FAPF since 2007 and has since then devoted her life to saving homeless, neglected and abused animals in her area. She runs the organization purely based on her own income from her full-time job working for a multinational company in her town and additionally relies solely on donations from the general public. In addition to the daily administration of the organization, Zsanett also works hard in the field with 24 hour call-outs to do hands-on rescues and rehabilitation cases. The dogs she rescues are often results of phone calls from the public who have witnessed animals being thrown out of cars, kept in horrid conditions, abused or in obvious need of help in other ways such as injuries or general state of neglect. In addition to the FAPF fostering program, Zsanett keeps a number of the animals in need of rehabilitation in her own home, both in the house and in the garden kennels. 
Zsanett has one dog and two cats and lives in Füzesabony.


Izabell Molnár

Izabell is Zsanett's sister and has been involved with FAPF since the beginning. She has devoted much of her time to her sisters project and the animals. Her work entails fostering, helping out in field-rescues, rehabilitation and updating the website. Izabell has two dog and four cats and lives in Füzesabony.


Rita Morvai and her boyfriend Imre Kovács

2 volunteers who have been helping the foundation work from the beginning by taking care of many dogs besides their own paid job. Due to their firm and reliable help with training and rehabilitating dogs many puppies and grown ups could be moved to foster homes and final homes with great success.


Lucky, Adam and Pirres story told by Caroline Holtet to the norwegian newspaper TV2






english: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl1uK0ua9jY
norwegian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q7h0JfAFXg&feature=youtu.be



Article in the norwegian newspaper Aftenposten , May 2014. About Caroline Holtet and the work of FAPF in Hungary

Our work

We are not functioning as a shelter; two people are doing the daily tasks in their free time in addition to their daily eight-hour job. We try to find foster homes for the stray animals first and we are trying to find a new final home for them while they go through a veterinarian check up.

This means that we are doing the job instead of the mayor's office, while transporting the stray and non stray dogs - injured by road accidents, abuse or neglect to the animal hospital in Eger. We regularly save mental and physically tortured dogs from the streets and from their owners, whilst we always try to challenge these people legally, if there is proof of the torture and the individual is known to have committed the crime.

In many cases we cannot report these matters to the mayor's office or to the police unfortunately as the local people are often reluctant giving evidence. We try to rehabilitate emotionally the adopted animals in their new homes within our capacity, however this is often harder work then fixing the injuries.

We are very happy to give help on how to train and keep dogs and cats at home. Please ask for advice in time not when your dog is already ill or when you have problems with their behavior.

We are always expressing our opinion about the importance of castration and we can help with this in the case it is required, and would like to organize castration campaigns in the future.

Our biggest problem is that people are not volunteering for providing foster homes to the animals and the other problem is obviously financial difficulties, of course. We have small capital and we are receiving small donations only from individuals, which are just about covering our expenses.

Finally the reality how we animal protectors are working:
There is a small description about the meaning of animal welfare today in Hungary. Everyone should read it to be able to understand how animal protectors are helping animals all over the country, that are in trouble. Let’s call them simply "The animal protectors"...
(Emoke Somogyi L. - Assosiation of Animal Protection - Veszprem)


Tied up and lonely dogs and cats in forests, villages, towns.

Dogs are suffering, waiting to be put to sleep in last chance kennels, neglected, hopeless and frightened who are scattered everywhere.

There is a high quantity of stray dogs due to estrus, precipitated pregnant bitches, and female cats. Keeping them in metal barrels, on one metre long chains in a tiny, dirty back garden, when their rib bones are on show and they are drinking from a filthy bowl.

This is the picture of Animal Welfare in Hungary.

It is stifling after a while. Depressing. You can’t get out of it, as you are their only hope.

Helping dogs instead of our own kind (or rather instead of no one), feeling their pain, solitude, sorrow, despair, or vulnerability. Seeing when they’re wagging their tails, the hope in their eyes ... towards HUMANS.

They don’t understand our words, I cannot tell them: you know, your owner has moved to a new flat, wasn’t able to keep you, you would have been too difficult for them, to take you down to the street regularly or what about your filthy hair in the new flat?

Or another one: You know, you weren’t lucky enough as you were born as a bitch and you are pregnant all the time. Just think about it, your owner couldn't deal with you anymore and it is not easy swatting the puppies either. Humans have hearts you know, but it is much better this way now, without you at the moment. They will have a new dog later on, but not you, as you became unwanted for now, etc.

They don’t understand our words (fortunately) but they are looking for our motions. If you let them smell your hands through the cages, they will have an idea about you after your smell… and you will be able to feel also, what they would like to say. You will know that after their posture, their eyes, or tail wagging. The gentle way they take the food from your hand, making sure not hurting you, however they are very hungry. The food portion in the last chance kennels are tiny. It is just about enough that they don’t starve to death, but they lose weigh, become very weak.

The shelters are full as well. You can call any shelters anywhere around the country. They are overloaded, the money is tiny, the number of dogs in need are always growing, but the hopelessness is getting bigger.

There is absolutely no hope for any chance of change for now or for the near future as long as the authorities are closing down their eyes above animal cruelty, as long as anyone can throw out anywhere their unwanted dogs or cats without any consequences. There is no hope for changes as long as the only possibility to control birth is to slaughter the animals, drown them in water, or bury them alive, as long as anyone can shot dead the unwanted animals in the countryside, as long as our community has vets who are willing to put healthy but unwanted animals to sleep, as long as police suggests rather to call the animal protectors instead of the police if someone experiences some animal cruelty. As long as these kind of horrible things are alive, very many innocent animals will pass away.

There will remain only the stifling and depressing fight by a couple of animal protector who has been thought as a fool by some others. There will remain only their very many sleepless nights. They are experiencing day by day the ignorance, darkness or negligence.

Some people want animals because they had them all the time before, doesn't matter if they haven't got the money and the time for them. They need them, because they are looking after the house or because they are serving them. In return the animals should be happy that they are not being slaughtered. Later on they don't need them of course, as they became unnecessary, too many of them, she became pregnant, the owners are moving to a new house, the dog became too big, always jumping, pushing over the grandchildren, digging holes in the garden, barking too much or not barking at all, being too shy, the hair is falling, have fleas, or simply just too old so they can't use him for anything anymore.

I have brought my dog here as we don’t need him anymore; we would like to get rid of him, if you cannot take him, we have to through him out, shot him dead, or put him to sleep. I am not going to advertise him, you should advertise him, that's your work to do - we can hear this type of stuff over the phone day in day out.

There is not such a massive shelter in the World, which could take all these unwanted, unnecessary, irresponsibly bred dogs. Even if we could help them, the above mentioned fellow humans would look after how to replace them, they would throw them out in the forest, tie them to trees, let them go away.

And if finally someone wouldn't want to get rid of his or her dog but interested in adoption, you shouldn't be happy for first! Sometimes you can meet some nice animal lover who are looking for a friend and know that they can help on an animal that is in trouble because of a fellow human being. However not always the animal protection point of view motivates these people, but they are looking for a pedigree (obviously a puppy), to have a partner for their dog with same breed at home and want to breed them in the future. Or they would like to replace their dog who died on the chain, as the new one will have a nice home, the other one also loved the chain and the bread, wasn't fussy at all.

Finally I have left the nicest words at the end, which is still hurting me, however I have heard them very many times before. You are getting them straight to your face when you haven't got one minute free time, when your family has had enough that you spend more time in last chance kennels than with them, trying to save animals, organising their future, advertise them, going for meetings, sorting their vaccinations after work, before work, or whenever you can. Sometimes you have to lie where are you going and what are you doing as they think that you are a fool. After all of that you are getting the following words straight to your face: why the hell are you for then?

With this question they are questioning our rights to be a human being: if you cannot help them at all, why the hell are we on Earth for?

If you are not taking their responsibilities which was taken by them previously towards their animals, if you are not helping them and make their life easier to think about a new solution, not to force themselves to think about advertisements, castration, future, maybe investing some money in the animals, why are you on earth for then?

However, I will not give up, we will not give up!

The dates are flashing in my head all the time when the dogs will put down in sleep through Anaesthesia. I am trying to play with our capacity in the shelter, how can we move some dogs together in the same cage, which ones are getting on well, which ones are not. They will fit in a tighter place hopefully; they will also have to understand that this is only a temporary accommodation, not a terminus. They cannot lose their hopes in humans; they are full of life with enthusiasm and love.

They are motivating us as well, that is why we are keep doing what we have to do. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but we are lighting up many candles around the country and hopefully this candles will light up the tiny dirty back gardens, where there are very many Max and Sam at the end of the chain looking for the evening time with a hope that they may get a nice meaty bone tonight.

Somogyi L. Emoke - Association of Animal Protection - Veszprem